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Social Security can be overwhelming.

These frequently asked questions can help you understand the process of getting your claim approved.

What must I show concerning my medical condition?

There are two ways you may show that you are disabled:
1) You must meet one or more “listings.” The “listings” are very specific criteria for any medical problem; OR 2) You must prove that you are not physically and/or mentally able to do any work on a sustained basis.

What steps are necessary to pursue my claim?

Step 1:
You must complete the original filing at your local Social Security office or online. If denied:

Step 2:
You must file a “Request for Reconsideration.” If denied:

Step 3:
You must request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. This hearing represents your best opportunity to have your claim approved. If denied:

Step 4:
There are various appeals which may be taken depending on the specific facts of your case.

What would a legal representative do for me?

At a hearing before the Administrative Law Judge, your case will be determined on your medical records and reports and testimony. An experienced legal representative familiar with Social Security law will help you prepare your case to give you the best chance for approval of your claim.

What will a legal representative cost?

The simple answer is “nothing” unless your claim is approved. If approved, the fee will be 25% of the “back benefits.” These “back benefits” are the amount you have already been denied on your original application and represents benefits you will never receive unless your application is approved.

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